Towns County
Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Chris Clinton
Sheriff's Command Staff
Chief Deputy Terry Conner
Capt. James Baldwin
Jail Administrator / Detention
Division Commander
Towns County Detention Center is
supervised by Capt. James C.
Baldwin.  Capt. Baldwin graduated
from Towns County High School in
1988.  He earned an Associate of
Science degree in 1989.  After working
in the medical field for several years,
Capt. Baldwin began working as a
business executive in the hospitality
industry.  After leaving the corporate
environment, Capt. Baldwin secured
employment with the Georgia
Department of Corrections as a
corrections officer.  He worked at Lee
Arrendale State Prison in Alto,
Georgia, supervising male inmates at
close and maximum security levels.  
In 2003, he accepted a position at
Towns County Sheriff’s Office as a
detention officer.  In subsequent
years, he has served as a sergeant,
administrative sergeant, lieutenant,
and jail administrator.  Capt. Baldwin
earned an Associate of Arts in Social
Sciences degree, and is currently
working to complete a Master’s degree
in Literature at American Public
University.  In addition to supervising
the daily operations of the detention
center, Capt. Baldwin functions as the
financial administrator of Towns
County Sheriff’s Office and Detention

The Towns County Detention Center
is a 50-bed facility that houses pre-
trial inmates, county sentenced
inmates, state sentenced inmates, and
individuals who have violated the
terms of their probation or parole.  
Inmate meals are prepared, with
professional dietician oversight, in the
Detention Center’s kitchen each day.  
The Center also has a medical
department to meet the required
needs of inmates.  

The Detention Division is comprised
of approximately 20 officers who are
POST certified through the state of
Georgia.  Detention officers are
trained in CPR, the use of OC spray,
hard and soft hand techniques, Tazer
certification, baton training, and GCIC
certification.  Officers employ modern
technologies by operating jail
management software, the LiveScan
fingerprint system, and the
Intoxylizer5000.  Officers are
responsible for the safety and security
of the facility, supervising inmates of
all security levels.  Officers are held to
high standards, functioning to
maintain a clean, secure and
controlled environment.

Baldwin was promoted to Captain of
the Detention Division in 2013.
The Administrative Division
encompasses the Adult Detention
Center, State Certification,
Human Resources, Policies and
Standards, Training, Internal
Affairs, Financial Reporting and
Grant Management.
Terry Conner was appointed Chief
Deputy in 2014.  A chief deputy is
considered the Under Sheriff and
assists the Sheriff in the daily
operations and all functions of the
Office of Sheriff.  Terry celebrated 30
years of law enforcement service in
April, 2016.