Towns County
Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Chris Clinton
Beginning with the 2013 school year, Sheriff Chris Clinton implemented the CHAMPS program to replace the DARE program at Towns
County Elementary School.

While the DARE program was successful, the sheriff felt the drug education program should be adjusted to more closely address the
drug education needs of today's children.

CHAMPS is an acronym for
Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety.  The CHAMPS program was founded in 2003
by the Georgia Sheriffs' Association to address the dangers students face today that older generations could not have imagined.  The
mission of the CHAMPS program is, "To provide an educational program for Georgia's youth, which provides guidance, and the skills,
ability, and knowledge to be safe, healthy, and happy in preparation for a successful life" (Georgia Sheriffs' Association).  

The CHAMPS program is taught to 5th graders at TCES by a certified CHAMPS instructor.  The program addresses numerous dangers
children face today including alcohol, prescription drug abuse, methamphetamine, as well as bullying, internet safety, hunting and
firearm safety, and many other topics.

You can support the CHAMPS program in Georgia schools by making a donation to the
Georgia Sheriffs' Association.